Metal working

The process of working with metals to create individual parts, assemblies, or large structures (metal structures)

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Our organization provides services of metalworking: lathe work, coordinate milling, milling, metal welding, wire EDM, grinding (flat, profile, round, coordinate), heat treatment.

The company can perform both single-stage metal processing and complex production of custom-made products: design, repair, tooling manufacture, etc.

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Screw - cutting lathe

1. The largest diameter of the workpiece to be machined: above the bed 630 mm, over the caliper 350 mm
2. The maximum length of the workpiece to be machined: 2 800 mm;
3. Maximum weight of the workpiece to be set: 2 000 kg;

Electric thermal chamber furnace

1. Internal dimensions,mm – 600x300x200;
2. Тemperature T max – 1250ْ C;

Coordinate boring machine

1. Dimensions of the working surface of the table, mm 560 x 320;
2. Load capacity of the table, kg 300;
3. The largest table movements (longitudinal / transverse), mm 400 / 250;
4. Distance from the spindle face to the working surface of the table, mm 50…575;
5. Spindle head Z-axis stroke, mm 400;
6. Maximum drilling / boring diameter, mm 30 / 220;
7. Spindle speed, rpm 10…3000;

Coordinate- boring machine

1. Limit dimensions of the workpiece to be set
on the table (LxBxH),mm – 800x400x400;
on the electromagnetic plate (LxBxH),mm – 800x400x280
2. Marginal dimensions of the workpiece’s external surface to be machined at the nominal diameter of the grinding wheel when the workpieces are mounted on the table (LxBxH), mm – 800x400x400;
3. The maximum mass of the workpiece to be set:
on the table, kg – 500;
electromagnetic plate, kg – 300;
4. Sample roughness, Ra, μm – 0.32 (0.16);
5. Spindle speed, rpm – 1460;

Flat grinding machine

1. Billet size -1300x1200x250;
2. Table size -1100×1008;
3. The weight of the part is 1500 kg.;
4. Magnitude of displacements:
stroke by X – 700;
stroke by Y – 400;
stroke by Z – 256;
U axis – ±30;
V axis – ±30;
max. taper – ±30 deg.;
5. Max.height of the autoloading wire – 250;
6. Max. positioning error – 0.005;
7. The roughness index Ra for steel is 0.35;

Wire erosion machine

1. Working surface dimensions of the main table, mm 630*250;
2. Maximum longitudinal stroke of the table, mm 400;
3. The size of the work surface of the corner table, mm 800*320;
4. Maximum vertical stroke of the table, mm 440;
5. Maximum stroke of the spindle headstock, mm 320;

Universal milling machine

1. Diameters of grinded holes, mm 50-200;
2. Maximum grinding length with the largest diameter of the ground hole, mm 200;
3. Maximum recommended grinding length at smallest bore diameter, mm 125;
4. The largest outer diameter of the product to be installed, mm:
without shroud 560;
in enclosure 400;
5. Maximum angle of the grinding cone, deg. 60;
6. Distance from product spindle axis to the table mirror, mm 340;

Internal grinding machine

1. Maximum diameter of the workpiece to be ground,mm – 400;
2. Distance between centers,mm – 1000;
3. Angle of rotation of the grinding head -15ْ , +45 ْ;
4. The maximum weight of the product when clamped between the centers – 350 kg.;
5. Maximum weight for cantilever clamping (including the weight of the clamping device) – 60 kg;

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Nikolay Leonidovich Kazinets

phone: +375 (176) 58-13-84
GSM: +375 (44) 726-61-21


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